The 6 Step System for Brand SUCCESS!

Six Non-Negotiable Steps You Must Take To Build The Right Brand First Time.

Do you want to build a credible, trusted brand that brings in consistently profitable customers?

That's a leading question; of course you do.

This mean that it’s critical that you communicate memorably and effectively about what you do, so others go out and champion your business to the rest of the world for free on your behalf.

Let’s look at why so many business owners and entrepreneurs get this part wrong…

B – They focus more on the BADGE (logo) of their business and what it looks like, than delivering value
R – They think reputation comes before the relationship
A – They compete on price rather than quality, thereby becoming a commodity very quickly
N – They only show care for the customer up to the sale, then move on to their next sale
D – They deliver only what is necessary and not a thing more

On the other hand, the most profitable, successful and magnetic businesses are those who flip brand on it’s head, starting backwards and focusing on the DNA of the business, before anything else. When you work in this way, you’ll find you quickly become more visible, credible and profitable than ever before. These are the companies who invest their time into:

D - Delivering on the promises they make to their customers
N - Nurturing those relationships consistently, so the customer feels valued
A - Attracting the right customers, so they attract new clients to you of the same genuinely high quality

Only then do they move onto…

R - Relating to their customers by serving them, rather than selling at them
B - Badging themselves with a logo that truly stands for all of the above critical factors

Attraction, connection and engagement are key in everything you do to attract your ideal customers, before they will allow you to convert them from a stranger to a friend.

So why is engagement so important now? In 2004 the world changed from transactional to relational, as Facebook spread across the globe. Trust currency replaced financial currency, forcing brands to serve rather than sell. Entrepreneurs could compete with bigger brands for the first time, giving birth to millions of small businesses with BIG ideas. But in today’s world where 2/3 of businesses fail within the first 12 months, what are the six non-negotiable steps you must take to build the right brand first time?
In this short course, branding expert and global business owner Sammy Blindell, explains how your small business can be a champion of first time success.

Your Instructor

Sammy "The Brand Brains" Blindell
Sammy "The Brand Brains" Blindell
Sammy is an award winning international speaker, best selling author and the CEO of, the world’s most valuable brand building resource for entrepreneurs of purpose driven businesses.

Having spent 23 years in branding and marketing, Sammy built six companies and worked with over 2000 business owners personally, before launching How To Build A Brand. Within two years, her programs launched into twenty-three countries and she now delivers events internationally.

Sammy took the company from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue in 12 weeks, using FREE marketing activities to prove what can be achieved for small businesses with no budget. She’s now on a mission to show you and other entrepreneurs how to do it!

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